The IUCN World Congress, Hawaii

The conference of conferences, the International Union for Conservation of Nature's World Congress gathers its nation members and was notable for staggering diversity. With practically every institution from every corner of the earth represented - including strong indigenous people's presence - this conference was appropriately entitled "Planet at the crossroads". I felt that it was tangible how our community had not yet brought the answers to the planet's greatest challenges but that that was the "Union's" great mission from now until the next Congress in four years time, "Bring solutions, find solutions". It is hard to see where we will be in 2020 as a planet, but the mandate given to IUCN by its members was stronger than ever. I encourage you to learn more about IUCN and its central role in the planet's future.

The amazing diversity, with strong focus on gender at IUCN World Congress, Hawaii 2016


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