Global Landscape Forum: The Investment Case

This pivotal event, now annual, brings together those working hardest on the challenges for financing Forest Landscape Restoration.

I was particularly impressed with ADM Capital discussing a billion dollar Green Bond in Indonesia. In one plenary, they sat beside a representative of the Indonesian Government and together described the best example of a government and private investor relationship that I have seen. Essentially, on the government's side they described "watching carefully" as the investment was being mobilised to activities on the ground. In this way the government could carefully and skillfully apply policy mechanisms to removing barriers or supporting important finance led interventions. It seems to me that this type of relationship moves away from the risk of government's pioneering policies that hope to catalyse investment and market development but can end up having the opposite effect.

The event also included "pitches" which were a welcome departure from droll presentations (however interestingly presented!) and reminded me of my days in high-tech in New York pitching at Tech Crunch Disrupt. Oh, bring the day when the panel on the stage each has $1million that must be invested then and there to the best proposition!

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