Fraser Brown


Entrepreneur and innovative-finance specialist. During the past 20 years I have changed the way business happens in three sectors, and competed in the Olympic Games.


I revel in consulting opportunities that leverage my skills and experience to tackle the challenges of climate change and natural resource management. Want to read something personal? Please click here.

“A great balance between expertise and pragmatism.”

John Moffett CEO, Tree Aid


“He is an out-of-box thinker, especially when it comes to novel ideas around financing restoration/conservation.”

Ravi Prabhu PhD, Deputy Director General, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

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Restoration friends and collaborators

Lars Laestadius

Consultant, FAO and Chair, VIA Technical Advisory Group

After a long and distinguished career at the World Resources Institute, Lars has struck out on his own and immediately been consumed by fantastic and ambitious global monitoring initiatives, largely through UN FAO. Lars and I generally brainstorm by open fires in African National Parks, and quite often about Russia.

Fabiana Issler

Founder, EBD Global Optimum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fabiana and I work together in her Sao Paolo based consultancy. The focus is the most difficult biodiversity and biodiversity finance contexts. Fabiana spent ten years in UNDP in Africa and EBD Global Optimum offers a unique service for the most challenging environments.

David Sumares

Consultant with Net-Positive Solutions

David is specialized in environmental discourse, inclusive governance and environmental policy. After his PhD on the implementation of the Natura 2000 Network, he has worked in several projects related to sustainability. David is passionate about biodiversity and environmental justice.

Jamie Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence Senior Sustainability Advisor to Corporates and Advisory Board Member to several NGO initiatives.

Jamie does many things but one of the most exciting is his role as a catalyst for new strategic alliances. Obviously, he has vast experience of the Corporate sector and private sector at large which combined with his passion for Restoration makes for exciting collaboration.

Mark Ellis-Jones

Co-founder and CEO F3 Life

There is not much that Mark does not know about smallholder financing, and he is as comfortable debating new sources of credit checking (such as social information and mobile wallets) as complex blended financing structures.

Edward Rumsey

Portfolio Manager at Permian Global

Ed and I tend to lock minds on the challenges of carbon finance and forests. He is one of the foremost authorities on the topic and Permian has unparalleled experience at navigating large scale Forest projects in a developing country context.

Ian Cunningham

Entrepreneur, PV Energy Director, and Environmental Consultant

Ian was inspired by the potential of Global Restoration during COP20 in Lima, Peru. There he support John D Liu with Voices for the Climate, and since then has engaged in ideas - particular technology focused - that have potential to support the movement.

Eva Vogt

UK Director of WeForest and Consultant

Eva was the driver behind the Virgin Earth Challenge adopting a new entry after entries had officially closed. She is a prime mover in many major innitiatives in the Forest Landscape Restoration area, and an inspiring collaborator.

Julien Colomer

Monitoring and Learning Officer at IUCN

Julien's high level grasp of global systems and the institutions that can influence in that domain makes him an inspiring collaborator. We frequently tackle the question of how to harness global priorities - from individual to government - to acheive Global Restoration. We often do so wearing snow boarding gear.

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