Fraser Brown represented Ireland in Athens 2004
Fraser Brown


Since 2014, I have dedicated myself to playing my part putting the world back on track in terms of surviving climate change and biodiversity loss. This has generally been with ideas, in particular,  innovative financial mechanisms such as Community Environment and Conservation FundsSmallholder Forestry Vehicle and Climate Smart Lending Platform supported while working for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.​

I realized coming into 2017 that something more transformational than the existing modes of Climate Finance was needed to get us on track. This especially related to "green finance" which was my focus. If 2014 represented my war footing with Climate Change, blockchain was the enigma project-type, do or die moment.


The journey from Olympian, to strategy consultant, to entrepreneur (two exits), to social entrepreneur, to conservation finance specialist, to blockchain innovator led me in late 2018 to build a concept called Cascade. Alas, the name "Net-Positive Solutions" (that I worked under for 5 years) hardly fits the bill. It's not that net-positive approaches are not needed; they are just more about the long-term necessity of living sustainably than doing what is needed to stem catastrophic Climate Change and secure our survival.


Blockchain and cryptocurrency forced me to reimagine much of what I knew about value and finance. Cascade embodies the response we need to take. The planet can be saved. We can survive.

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