Each "dossier" is a work in progress

These ideas are continuously informed by my work, travel, and engagements of all types. I welcome collaborations and advice. Some ideas are well developed (I cannot promise that this page is kept up to date at all times unfortunately), and others are scraps of ideas plastered on a wall somewhere! Big, game changing ideas are needed, and an objective to deliver some of these ideas is a main driver behind Net-Positive Solutions. You are welcome here. Please engage.

+ Credits Auction Facility

Nesting, jurisdictional REDD, and ​benefit sharing. REDD+ is changing. + Credits are sold by project developers to a government's "+ Credit Auction Facility" by auctioning a put option for the sale price. In this way, the market decides the restoration activities offering the greatest benefits.

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The Virgin Earth Challenge

Two institutions: one conservation and one research have agreed to make a Bonn Challenge entry to Richard Branson's Virgin Earth Challenge. This is a $25million innovation prize for the first solution to prove that it has a viable sequestration solution for a gigatonne of carbon annually for ten years.

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Accelerators, incubators & innovation hubs

A Global Innovation Hub is needed for the Bonn Challenge. It would serve as a jumping off point for ideas that are incubated and optimally connected across the institutions of the GPFLR. In one context this is taking shape and it is on the radar of some key actors.

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The Bonn Corporate Challenge

There is nacent potential for a more action oriented Corporate approach than "commitments" to this or that (not that these are unwelcome). The Bonn Corporate Challenge would engage and unite Corporate actors interested in Forest Landscape Restoration. This idea is within several global companies, an association of these players, and several institutions. It was actually floated at a Ministerial round table meeting in Bonn. It is gathering momentum but we are concious that it has to be done right.

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Drones: the solution to market access?

Is it an "if" or a "when"? That is the question I have about the potential for Drones to collect smallholders produce and bring it to market. Lets land on the "when" side for a moment: imagine a Drone network collecting Talapia from rainfed damns (soldier flies eat the mosquitoe larvae) and bringing to entirely new and unforseen fish markets!

This idea has been pitched to one government instituion. It is one to watch. If you are interested please connect.

Coca Cola bottles become trees?

1.8 billion Coca Cola products are consumed daily. In the course of my travels I've seen paper made from seeds, and, just today, at COP22, plastic bags made from cassava and banana by products. Coke is such a forward looking innovator that it might welcome a design where I guess a fine internal recyclable plastic membrane would be removed (we all know that coke dissolves things ... but love it anyway!) to leave a biodegradable bottle that contains a regionally important and beneficial tree seed. As Coke is a "local" organisation globally this solution could be customisable and adaptive to climate change. Imagine you "plant" this container and a tree grows.

Anyone have ideas how we could launch a global innovation contest around this? Please contact me

Rice AWD Methane Auctions

I am collaborating with a multinational development bank, two research institutions, and a supra-national agency on how to use the World Bank's Pilot Auction Facility to catalyze Alternative Wetting and Drying of Rice in SE Asia.

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Sovereign Debt - Green Bond Swap

I believe that we could coordinate a global program of swaps of Sovereign debt for positions in Developing Country Green Bonds. The bond issuances would exceed the quantum of debt and investors in the additional fixed income would have seniority. In this way, public money would leverage National green finance. Currently in discussion with people at international and national level about this.

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Understanding Conservation Finance from the perspective of the actors

I have mapped roles and propensities of actors from the supply side (FLR activities) to the demand side (finance) and in between lies innovative business model identification and barriers to finance. It is the "in between" part that is the challenge. A global network of Accellerators is key to the solution.

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Blockchain for Global Restoration

As uneasy as it makes me feel, I cannot avoid what I think is a fact; that blockchain and potentially a digital currency could be at the heart of the solution to financing smallholder farmers. The decentralised structure, equitable design, and potentially incorruptible technology make it on the one hand compelling and on the other a "no brainer". A major commodities company and UN institution are currently part of this debate and white papers are being drafted for consideration.

If this interests you either on the development side or on the design front, please contact me.

Restoration Movement

There is ancient legislation in Northern Ireland that permits ownership of tiny parcels of land (it was designed for the diaspora). These could be sold and restored. The donation could also cover planting a tree in a developing country. In discussion with one child one tree and others on this idea: finally a citizen movement with the potentially to really take off.

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